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Peter Koppen – SOCIAL-SEPARATOR - basic model Nature - barbwire glasses

Optikkultur - Thomas Spielmannleitner:

On the basis of modern theory of conflict our firm has developed the Social Separator,
which is an outcome of up-to-date conflict studies.

The postmodern western society is in urgent need of the Social Separator
which is an indispensable equipment for the new class society; it is the final service product
for conflict-conscious people
in our complex and divided society.

Applicable in a broad range of varying fields it is a strategic means in social conflicts
and has an enormous potential for enclosure in private as well as business affairs.
Absolutely essential for everybody concerned with social conflicts who attach
great importance
 to showing their fellow men boundaries and want to draw sharp lines against them.

Excellently suited for example for cantankerous guests at bar counters,
at a quarrelling married couple's  breakfast-table and against superiors keen
on taking possession of their underlings, but in most cases not really competent.


Well suited also for coalition negotiations, especially after ambivalent election results
observable right now in the political scene, pay disputes, board meetings, etc.


Available at the time being: the basic model Nature, and the special models White and Black.

Of special interest around easter was the special wish of one customer: basic model Easter-Arrangement

two-meter-model for marriage beds has already been developed.

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